Help for Health Care Professionals

I help health care professionals to live a more balanced, productive, and fulfilling life through sharing proven strategies and tactics of personal development and High Performance Coaching.

My Story

Today I'm a very successful Chiropractor for over 30 years. But believe me it wasn't always that way.

For many years I just couldn't seem to put together all of the pieces of the puzzle. That was my struggle: putting it all together.

I had problems with paying the rent for my offices on time, so I always had late fees.

I had problems with staff not listening to me and not cooperating with the overall office procedures.

I had problems with vendors and suppliers. I couldn't get any credit.

I had problems with my taxes and always got late filing penalties and interest. And I guess I don't have to tell you that this created problems with my wife and my relationship with her.

You could say I was a hot mess!

My wife noticed the change...

At one point I realized that this was not working and that I had to stop doing it on my own. So, I subscribed to a number of different newsletters and publications, including Dan Kennedy’s Insider’s Circle. Over several years, that led me to Tony Robbins, Russell Brunson, Frank Kern, Brian Tracy, Deepak Chopra, Dean Graziosi, and ultimately Brendan Burchard.

I saw Brendon speak at a conference And I knew in my gut that I had found what I was looking for. Brendan was alive, full of energy, happy, positive, and he spoke with enthusiasm and joy. That's what I wanted to feel!!!

So, I signed up for his newsletter first and then I signed up for a free group coaching call and then I bought his book High Performance Habits and I started putting them into practice.  I took some additional coaching sessions from a Certified High-Performance Coach and my life started to change. 

I didn't notice the change that much, but my wife did, and she told me so.

Here's three ways that the High Performance concepts changed my life: 

  1. I became more Productive. this of course was a gradual process but it started with one of the basic concepts of Productivity: being disciplined. And then the second part of being disciplined is being disciplined on a consistent basis. I got a planner and I started writing down appointments. Through this process I realized that other people's time was just as important as mine, so I started being on time, to respect other people's time.
  2. I took better care of myself. This was possible with the High Performance Habit on Physiology. That had had me set up a great morning routine including meditation, stretching, exercising, journaling, and planning out my day. My routine on the weekend was to plan out the following week and at the middle of the month to plan out the following month.  I saw a nutritionist and began taking supplements to optimize my health.
  3. Another habit that was very important in my life changing experiences was the habit on psychology. Let me tell you I resisted this so much! But after studying the habit of psychology, extensively, I realized that I could help people much more by influencing them in a positive way. I could help people more by being a role model. I could actually make a difference in my community, by contributing to the community through volunteering and be a role model in that way.

The results that I got from practicing these and the other high performance habits are that I no longer have employee problems, I don't have tax problems.

My office rent is automatically deducted from my checking account on time every month, I always have enough money for payroll, my staff listens to me and follows my example. I am always on time, my business has tripled adding another office and where I used to have three employees I now have 12, and I am supporting all of those people and their families and I am grateful to be able to serve them and my patients.

And best of all, my wife is happy, and we work as a team!  It's no joke when they say happy wife happy life!